Choosing prostitution in Thailand; video produced for VJMovement

This picture links to a story I produced for VJMovement, a Netherlands-based online company. Prostitution is not an easy subject to tackle, but too many journalists and NGO’s oversimplify the whole of the sex trade in Southeast Asia to be supplied only by unwilling and/or trafficked women.

Traffickers should be prosecuted and the plight of those women deserves to be heard. However, there are thousands of other women who choose this profession because of the lack of other options to them in the Thai economy. Upward mobility is very difficult, and although there are some who are in it for the easy money, many others feel pressure from their family to provide, and this work allows them to do so.

I hope this piece enlightens another side to the sex economy without seeming to glamorize or gloss over the dark aspects of it.

Video Producer